The Process

We make it easy to update your home.

We start with a design consultation and quote. This means we come to your home at a time and day that works for you to talk about what you want. We help you choose a stamp style, color(s) and any custom options such as tree circles, rain drains, steppingstones, address or name imprints and more. Measurements are taken after reviewing the yard and we can make suggestions based on our installation experience to create a beautiful and functional result.

Installation day means we arrive as expected, prepare the ground with a sod cutter or bed edger to create a solid foundation for the curb and trim grass where needed to ensure the curb machine does not get caught up while extruding the concrete mix. We ask our homeowner to help provide dry ground when possible (don’t run your sprinklers the day before) and mark all sprinklers in the areas that will have curbing installed. Sod that is cut to create a path for the curb can be left to patch small areas between curb and grass or can be removed from property for small fee.

Concrete is mixed onsite with integral color and admixtures to add strength and workability to the mix. It is then extruded through our curb machine, which is roughly the size of a snowblower. The curb is smoothed, colored and carved or stamped, and sealed with an acrylic based sealer the day of installation. A stainless-steel cable is embedded within the curb to prevent shifting and heaving over time. The grass next to the curb may have a slight brown color when we leave due to the sealer, but this is only temporary and will mow out in a few weeks.

We do our very best to leave your home as clean or cleaner than when we arrived. Clean up includes the removal of as much “slag” (excess concrete next to curb) as possible and removal of any extra concrete from your home. Any slag that is left will crumble into the ground over time and will not damage any lawn equipment you use. There may be a slight gap in places between the grass and curb due to shape of our curb machine and path of curb. This can be filled with the sod cut to create a path for the curb or you can allow your grass to fill in naturally over time.

After your curb is installed, be careful not to let pets or children on it for 24-48 hours. The curb will feel hard to the touch in a few hours, but it takes 28 days to fully cure. Avoid mowing for 24 hours to prevent grass clippings from getting stuck in the sealer, do not water for 24 hours to prevent water spotting and be careful with trimming, mowing and sharp tools until curb is fully cured. We recommend sealing your curb every 24 months to prevent the color from fading and to protect the surface finish. You’ve made an investment and it’s important to protect it!